VIVA examination

The Hong Kong Quality Management Association is now offering VIVA examination to members. Passing the VIVA examination will grant you the professional registration, Registered Quality Manager (RQM), which is mutually recognized as Professional Manager granted by China association for Quality and China Enterprise Confederation. This registration is permanent.

Members with the Registered Quality Manager certificate, whichis offered from the HKQMA/ holders of the executive Diploma in Quality Management, which is offered from HKU space, are eligible to apply for the Registered Quality manager (RQM).

For those members that are interestedin the VIVA examination. Please fill in the applicationform which can be found here, and submit together with the following fee and documents by mail or submit to our office duringouroffice hour.

-         Copies of academic qualifications and supporting documents

-         The fee for Quality Manager registration:

- HKQMA registration fee: Examination HK$ 3000 + annual membership HK$750or permanent membership $4500(permanent membershipincludes  CQMA Registration ¥900RMB + admin fee HK$500)

- CQMA registration fee:¥900RMB(included in permanent membership)+ ¥250RMBwood frame(preferable)

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