Doctoral Research Group Membership (DRG)

Doctoral Research Group


To cope with dynamic challenges in the new millennium, the Association has set up a Doctoral Research Group in 2002 to strengthen its capacity to serve the Hong Kong community. All Group members possess a doctoral degree from recognized institutions and they all have lots of expertise in Quality Management.

The Group members will help develop research and consultancy projects with the Association, they will also serve as the advisors for members, and share their articles in the Members Area. 

(Doctoral Group l llisted in membership number order)


F0173 Dr. Tong Wai Kwok, Aaron F0763 Dr. Leung Wai Keung, Victor
F0208 Dr. Chan Yuk Kau F0764 Dr. Jack Chou
F0246 Prof. Koo Leung Chee F0765 Dr. Eric T. T. Wong
F0325 Dr. Chan Man Wong, Mark F0766 Dr. Mohamed Zairi
F0602 Dr. Lee Koon Keung F0767 Dr. Richard Teare
F0605 Dr. Chau Ka Yin, Gavin F0768 Dr. Cheng Tsz Kit
F0649 Dr. Koo Her Yen, Hannah F0784 Dr. Author Wong
F0661 Dr. Lam Kin Sun, Frankie F0785 Dr. William Chan
F0663 Dr. Chan Sun Fat, Jimmy F0795 Dr. Philip C. Wright
F0735 Prof. Tao Kai Ching, Fredrick F0797 Dr. Ip Yun Kit, Perry
F0742 Dr. Chui Hong Sheung F0798 Dr. Lo Hing Yau, Victor
F0743 Dr. Yeung Hin Chung, John F0800 Dr. John Man
F0744 Dr. Ng Wai Kwan, Stephen F0955 Dr. Wong S. L.
F0745 Dr. John Lee F0960 Dr. He Zhen
F0746 Dr. Gilbert Wong F0961 Dr. Jiang Fu Yang
F0747 Dr. Robert Kirby F0962 Dr. Wang Xueqing
F0748 Dr. Fan Faming F0970 Dr. Zhou Pin Qiu
F0749 Dr. Lei Hong Kuong, Ivan F0977 Dr. Li Rong
F0750 Dr. Ambrose So F0978 Dr. Zhang Ying 
F0751 Dr. Eric Chan F0979 Dr. Lan Zhi Ming
F0752 Dr. Freeman Chan F1008 Dr. Lee Sze Kuen
F0753 Dr. K. S. Chin F1009 Dr. Diu Chin Kee
F0754 Dr. Cyril Chow F1029 Dr. Jimmy Yau
F0755 Dr. Ho Kwong Ming, Samuel  F1030 Dr. Lawrence Tsang
F0756 Dr. T. Y. Lee F1031 Dr. Donald Chan
F0757 Dr. Zhang Gongxu F1032 Dr. Zhang Lin
F0758 Dr. Tang Zhuchang F1033 Dr. Cheng Kwan
F0759 Dr. Victor Cheung F1034 Dr. Wang Feng
F0760 Dr. Gryphon Sou F1035 Dr. Liu Jun
F0761 Dr. Sun Jing F1036 Dr. Chang Yan
F0762 Dr. S. H. Ko F1117   Dr. Liu Xiao Wei 

Total: 61 Doctoral Research Group Members


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