Digital Transformation Forum on 29 Jun 2018
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職場變遷,你我的工作都有可能消失,被機械人取代。數位浪潮的衝擊下,如何重新打造您的業務模式? 如何應用新技術,建立全新商業模式、流程、軟件及系統,同時促進員工創新。



After issuing our circular on The launch of Digital Revolution Series, we have received queries on what will be covered in the coming 2 modules on Digital Transformation and Big Data. Let me explain: -


On 29 June, there will be 2 experts in digital transformation giving us presentation in an afternoon Forum on Big Data and DigiTalent. (Details please see Module 3 leaflet). Thales Group is a French multinational company that designs and builds electrical systems and provides services for the aerospace, defense, transportation and security markets. ( In this presentation, Thales will share with us its pioneering Big Data Analytics platform – Naia- that transforms huge amount of railway passenger data into operational knowledge and decision-making support. With an accuracy level of 95 per cent, the journey of each passenger is reconstructed anonymously to enable the computation of KPIs to mitigate train and platform crowding, waiting time, or even missed trains. The next speaker is Mr. Teddy Liu, General Manager – Corporate & Talent Development from New World Development Company Limited. ( Mr. Liu will share with us how New World drives innovation through digital training interventions since 2014. How New World prepare for the future by launching the DigiTalent Programme? What are its contents and how it is structured to fulfill the development needs? 


cid:image002.jpg@01D3E5D8.D1DA7D10 Dr. Victor Leung in HKB Award Presentation

Sounds great?


In order for participants to understand the terminologies and concepts delivered by the experts in the Forum, I have prepared two 3-hour training modules before the Forum (31 May and 14 June 2018 respectively). Participants for these modules will be offered guaranteed seats in the Forum on 29 June. Details of these 2 modules are given in the enclosed leaflets. After attending the training modules, participants can understand the concepts, applications and cases on digital transformation and Big Data.


Please don’t hesitate, pick up the phone call Miss Ann Sit at 2581 2210 of HKQMA or drop her an email with Application Form. Due to limited of seats, we have to serve first comers. For further clarification of the training modules, please send me email at



Dr. Victor Leung

Program Leader of The launch of Digital Revolution Series,

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