Cert. Course on RQM (11th) October 2017
Dear HKQMA members,  

I am pleased to announce that our RQM program has come to the 11thIntake now. As in the past, graduates will obtain the wide recognitions from Mainland China and New Zealand, as well as learning the practical tools, such as EFQM, Lean, Benchmarking, Design Thinking, TRIZ and ISO Quality management system etc. It will be benefit to graduates for their day-to-day work when they returned to their work places. This is an effective and comprehensive program focusing on service industries that complete the key subjects in Quality within 10 weekday evenings.   


RQM Program contains 3 major topics:-

l  Management and Strategic Planning

l  Quality and Leadership

l  Excellent Performance 


Details of this course can be found in the enclosed leaflet. Interested members please feel free to contact HKQMA directly for enquiry  / enrolment.



We look forward to meeting you in the coming program in October 2017.



Best Regards,

Ann Sit

On behalf of HKQMA


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