Hong Kong Quality Management Association HKQMA, being a non-profit making professional body, is to promote and exchange knowledge and experience on quality and to foster a better understanding and wider practices of quality management in companies in Hong Kong.  In today’s competitive world, one with the wide-recognized professional registration is important to the success of one’s career pursuit.  On behalf of the Hong Kong Quality Management Association HKQMA, I am pleased to witness the success of Candidates who have taken this challenge and possessed the honor of being a Registered Quality Manager

which has been successfully granted mutual recognition with China Association for Quality, China Enterprise Confederation and New Zealand Organization for Quality.  Over the years, HKQMA has helped many local manufacturing, construction and service organizations establish, promote and train people on quality management topics and quality circle activities.


Quality has its beauty to attract attentions of people in Hong Kong and over the world.  In fact, quality pursuing is a never-ended journey.  Our Executive Committee Member Team will continue our effort, bringing forward for the better quality in the work places and in ourselves.

Dr. Frankie Lam.
Chairman, HKQMA


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