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Our History

Founded in 1983, the Hong Kong Quality Management Association(HKQMA)(formerly known as the Hong Kong Quality Circles Association) is pioneer in promoting Quality Circles in Hong Kong. For over 31 years, the HKQMQ has organized numerous in-house training programs as well as public seminars for all levels of staff within the organization. Over the years, the Association has assisted many local organisations in introducing, promoting and preparing for the implementation of quality management activities; such as QCC, ISO9000, 5S, BPR and TQM. They are organised in the form of:

  -  in-house training programs
  -  seminars and workshops
  -  company visits
  -  conventions and
  -  overseas study missions

To achieve the professional role of the Association, regular functions are conducted throughout the year. These include:

   -  organize the biannual HK Quality Circles Convention to share the local experience in quality management
   -  coordinate Study Missions to attend quality conferences in China, Singapore and Southeast Asia
   -  conduct public seminars and social gatherings for members
They are organized in the form of discussion sessions, weekend seminars and field visits, so that members    can learn success as well as failures from each other.

Since June 94, the Association has operated an office. It was established to provide membership service and enhance communication among members and external organizations. The Office provides a whole range of quality information about the latest management concepts, tools, training programs and conference, and carries the following functions:

    -  to provide enquiry and information service to members and the public
    -  to act as a resources center for quality management information, references and activities at both local and international levels
    -  to coordinate all activities organized by the Association
    -  to serve as an outlet of the latest published materials, books and videos on quality management subjects

In 2003, The Association and other quality professionals has jointly formed an independent institute under HKQMA, the Six Sigma Institute Ltd., with the objective to promote the theories and practices of six sigma and to provide professional recognition to six sigma practitioners and organisations.

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